Sunday, April 6, 2014

One and all of the British South Asian community,

Would you like to help a project about the ‘fairer is more beautiful’ stigma within the Asian community? It’ll be a great opportunity to highlight how being brown is beautiful, so we can teach the next generations to not shy away from this belief. the project contains three parts.

1) (The main and best part) Is to take two photoshoots per person. One, with their natural skin colour and one with their make-up or make-up they’d like to have which makes them lighter. 

2) Share your stories associated with the treatment of fair/dark skinned asians. Has anybody ever made a comment about your (or someone you knows) skin colour? Is somebody else you know layering makeup on to look whiter everyday? Or are your family proud to show your natural colour? We would like to hear about anything!

3) Take a picture of the skin whitening cream you have at home. It’s that simple. A quick snap on your mobile phone of any whitening cream is all that is required for this part.

It’ll be fantastic to have as many females from different ages to get involved and share their opinions and stories.So it would really mean alot to us (and potentially the community as this could be the foundation of a larger project) if you could get involved, you’ll get to keep copies off all the photos taken of you, (and I will edit them if you would like me to, once I finish university  on 16th May).

Lets be proud of our skin colour!

Photoshoot dates available:
In Birmingham: Friday 11th, Saturday 12th, Sunday 13th, Monday 14th. 

In Bristol: Monday 7th, Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th, Thursday 10th, 

To submit your whitening cream photos or stories, please do so in any of the following ways:

tweet/direct message: @sophina_b

facebook message: sophina bi


I will gladly respond to you almost strait away and look forward to all your responces :D

Monday, March 10, 2014

Call for female models on two shoots about make-up/natural beauty! Bristol or Birmingham

Hi there!
So as you can tell from this blog, I am a third year Graphic Design student. I have two projects to complete about make up but both focus on different issues. 


Project 1 - Make-Under, the removal of make up being necessity

This project is aimed at any age females who feel they cannot leave the house without make-up. The purpose of it will be to take portrait photographs of your natural make-up free beauty, so that you can be more confident without it. If you allow, filming of the photoshoot and you expressing your thoughts will take place too. :)

models wanted: females of any age, any ethnicity, any amount of make up (whether you only wear foundation everyday, or wear loads).

What you get: The work will be unpaid. however, you get a free photoshoot and can keep copies of all shots of you and film.

Where and When: In Bristol Harbourside prefferably. Contact me for more info. As for when, The last date I will be doing shooting will be the 5th of April.


Project 2 - British South-Asian Fair & Lovely

For this project, I want to challenge the preconception of ‘the fairer you are, the more beautiful’. This will be done by doing two shoots. The first with your natural skin tone (little make-up can be worn just as long as it doesn’t change your look!). The second, wearing your preferred amount of make-up to show how much difference it makes (if at all). 

Models wanted: British South-Asian females of any age. 

What you Get: Free photoshoots plus copies of all shots of you.

Where and When: Birmingham or Bristol. Deadline for last photoshoot is 13th April but ASAP. Please ontact me for more info.


Thank you very much for your interest and if you take part - I LOVE YOU!
If you would like me to send you some photography work that are not on my website/DeviantART/This Blog, please let me know. Any other questions, also holla!



twitter: @sophina_b



Here are example of the kind of shots I’ll be taking. Most of these are edited alot more than I aim to edit for the actual project, however, I can edit the photos for you to have like these: image


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true story.

true story.

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by fotolen

“A male killer whale navigates the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Pacific Northwest.”



Stunning Metal Sculptures Made from Old Watch Parts

In this series, artist and sculptor Susan Beatrice has designed amazing sculptures made from old watch parts. Many of them are contained within the case of a pocket watch. The artist started a jewelry company using earth-friendly items called All Natural Arts and is based out of Glassboro, New Jersey in the United States. You can find more of her stunning work at her website.



Province of Skyrim

love maps

(Source: metropolis-vanguard)

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